Learn how to make an awesome marble maze game in 5 steps!

What if your next laser cut project was not only pleasing to the eye but functional as well?  Practicality has been our recent focus for laser cut and engraved projects to help liven up the space here at Factory eNova.

One of the new interactive decorations we have displayed is our marble maze.  It is made up of three different sections that were created from layers of wood and are covered by a clear acrylic sheet to keep the marbles from falling out.  The steps to creating this maze were easy, but you can decide for yourself:


Step 1: Decide on a concept for each of your maze sections and the number of sections you would like to have.  We created three sections, one of which consisted of planks of wood representing platforms.

Step 2: Design the maze portions using design software, in our case Corel Draw.  This part was easier than it may look.  For the peg board we literally duplicated circles and used a simple step and repeat function to cut them out of the wood.  For the middle board or route section we just used the paint brush tool to create curvy lines that the laser could easily cut out.  These are tricks that even the most novice user can pick up quickly.


Step 3: Design a cool outer cover to the maze in order to keep the marbles in.  We used a clear acrylic in our maze but you can use whatever color you would like.  Make sure to cut a slot in the acrylic sheet that will cover the bottom section of the maze to retrieve the marbles.


Step 4: Laser cut all of the pieces you have now designed following settings specific to the material you are cutting.  Lastly, you will need to cut support pieces to rest the acrylic sheets on.


Step 5: This is the most time-consuming part – the assembly.  In our case it required a lot of gluing of the wood portions and some drilling in order to secure the acrylic covers.

  • Project Design Time: 2 hrs
  • Project Laser Time: 96 min
  • Project Build and Mount Time: 2 hrs

Come check out this and other interactive decorations that inspire and showcase just the tip of the iceberg of creative possibilities here at Factory eNova!


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