The Final Kickstarter Update

First off, we would like to extend a warm thank you to everyone’s support through our month long campaign. Due to the rate of pledges made on Kickstarter, the Factory eNova team has made the painful decision to cancel the campaign and to refocus our search for funding by other means such as grants and services.

While the UV printer is expected to currently remain in the studio, it will not be available to our members until we can retrieve enough capital to pay off the printer so that we can guarantee that it will remain in the space before we begin offering courses. While grants and services are viable options, it will be preventing us from sharing it with members of the space till we truly understand the opportunity cost in everyday ware. Since there is only one printer in the space, we simply cannot take the risk having it break down like we have experienced with our laser systems from everyday member usage.

While this pushes back our overall timeline of having the UV Printer available to our members, we believe that this will allow us to become fully acquainted with the printer and provide a well-rounded course in the future.

Anyone that has made a pledge will not be charged but as a big thank you, those that supported this campaign through a pledge will receive discounts on UV printing services. We will honor any laser related pledges. If you are still interested in an item listed below just send us an email at

Pledge rewards honored are as followed:

[20] Spishutter, [25] Engraved Business Card Holder, [50] Personalized Mugs, [60] Leather Bracelets, [60] Personalized Thermos, [60] Personalized Multitool, [85] Laser Cutting Beginner Package

Again, we would like to express our extreme gratitude for believing in us and we hope to see you in our studio again soon. Keep following us on social media and our email list for further updates regarding the UV Printer.

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