Laser Engraved Graduation Cap

Laser Engraved Graduation Cap

Photo Credit: Jaime Soriano

Create a graduation cap design to be engraved onto light weight material for displaying during commencement.

Need a creative way to design your graduation cap? Well laser engraved grad caps are a good way to do it. I thought instead of the usual stickers and glitter or freehand drawings, why not use engraving to help.

Customization during graduation will make an individual stand out from others in the crowd and may help your family find you easily. The designs are endless and can go along with your major concentration or words of inspiration.


Photo Credit: Leah Legaspi

I started to first find the measurements to have a template to work around and have my designs fit. The standard cap size is 9 ¼ inch by 9 ¼ inch as well as the center circle to be cut out where the tassel goes. Once this part is taken care of I moved onto the creative grad cap designs.

By using what I have learned during school I made circuit like designs. My imagination took me to find many designs to choose from and so can yours. The ones featured in the photos are what came about from my imagination to display during graduation. And of course thanking those who have supported me throughout my education journey.

Engraving words and phrases such as your graduating class, your school, or shot sayings i.e. “I did it!” like the designs seen here. Once the designing process is complete I moved on to having the laser engraver finish the task.

CSULB Laser Engraved Graduation Cap

Photo Credit: Jaime Soriano

In order to do this project I used a light weight material that would best fit on top of the cap which goes on my head. I found that matte board is a good way to start. It is lighter than wood and is able to be cut through by the lasers. Aluminum had come out very nice but would only be good for a long lasting keep sake since the center circle could not be cut out. I however did not try cardstock, a heavy paper that may have been ever lighter, but not suitable for engraving deep groves. So matte board happened to be the best for this laser grad cap designs.

So for anyone graduating and want to have an awesome design with shout outs on them or creative engravings to show off this is the best way to do it.   

Graduates come in and make your designs come to life. Click this hyperlink and get one made too!

– Justine Siron
Factory eNova’s Super Intern

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