Laser Cut Finger Chamber for Pulse Detection


Photo Credit: Dannie Phan

Construct a dark chamber with laser cut parts for the index finger to fit sensors and detect a pulse created by the blood flowing in finger.

Here at factory Enova, I have made use with the laser cutting machines to work on my senior project. This is a great place to create and complete any ideas that are assigned or just for fun. Early this week I worked on a laser cut piece for the chamber part of the pulse detector. This pare will be able to house the electronic components apart from the main circuit.

The materials that I used to test what could be best to do this are wood, foam and cardboard which can also be used together for an even better structure. I have not yet chosen what my exact pulse chamber will be or look like, but it must be comfortable for the index finger to be pressing against the pulse sensor. After mocking up the design to fit an index finger or rather the tip of that finger, the information is sent to the laser cutter to make my small pieces. Assembly will be either with glue or electrical tape; black tape being the best to hide all other light that can interrupt the detection of the blood going through the finger to the sensor.


Photo Credit: Dannie Phan

However, you may want to play around with a design that would work best for the main circuit. Sometimes the way it is shaped or assembled will not work and cause the project to be more difficult than it really has to be. This project of mine is ongoing in hopes to being able to detect the pulse created by the blood flow inside our index finger.

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– Justine Siron
Factory eNova’s Super Intern

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