Upcoming Event: Autumn Open House September 25th


Laser Cut Acrylic


Join us for our second annual Autumn Open House where you can meet local makers, crafters, and hackers of Orange County. We spent this summer upgrading our studio space in hopes of making Factory eNova your home, away from home. Be the first to see this unveiling, play in our scavenger hunt, and take advantage of the evenings super secret specials.

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Laser Cut Wood


A Scavenger Hunt will be held in the studio for a chance to win free classes, laser minutes, membership and many other goodies. Make sure you arrive early to get the extra competitive edge. RSVP early to get the best advantage for the hunt!


Whether you’re a familiar face or someone new to the space, we welcome anyone that’s interested in joining the creative art and tech community. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the struggles and success stories from other makers in the Orange County area. We will be announcing our upcoming Fall/Winter workshops and our crowdfunding campaign so that you can be the first to reserve a spot.


Tickets are not required for the Autumn Open House but we’d love to know that you’re coming!


Laser Engraved Metal


Check back as we add more details and share this event with your friends to make this a fun night with the art and tech community!


Factory eNova is a Laser Cutting and Engraving studio in Orange County. Our mission is to provide equipment, space and professional service to design their custom projects as well as create a more hands-on environment for learning current and inspiring new laser processes.

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Epilog Laser System Maintenance

Cleaning the Epilog laser engraving systems at Factory eNova regularly is our priority in order to keep these systems in shape and performing at their best, especially for all of our amazing members. Recently, we have implemented a stricter maintenance schedule to ensure performance is at its peak from these systems. Here is a list of the improvements we made:

  • Replaced the lenses on each machine
  • Cleaned out the exhaust vent
  • Cleaned the fan filter
  • Cleaned the encoder strips on all of the machines

Here is a simple guide on how to maintain your CO2 laser engraving system. This guide provides general maintenance instructions for all CO2 laser engraving systems, but each system may vary due to the way it is assembled. Enjoy!

Cleaning the optics

It is always important to make sure your optics are clean to ensure that there is no interference to the laser beam. Before going any further, you must know the optics assembly consists of two components: the focus lens and mirror. Using these laser engraving systems over time causes these components to be dirty from accumulated buildups of smoke and residue from materials. You can tell if the focus lens is dirty if it looks cloudy, or if it is not a clear, shiny gold color. To clean it, take a cotton swab and soak it with the optics cleaning fluid or pure ethyl alcohol (highly recommended substitute) and gently rotate the swab as you rub it over the lens.


Cleaning the vector grid/table

It is important to keep the vector grid/table clean so when you vector cut, small pieces can fall through the vector grid into the table tray. A dirty vector gridcan be a very dangerous fire hazard, because these pieces will get caught over over time and collect acting like a kindle and can ignite and start a fire. Also make sure to clean out the table tray using a brush or vacuum cleaner on a regular basis to prevent any obstruction to airflow and/or creating the same heating affect, as mentioned previously, when debris is stuck in the vector grid.


Cleaning the bearing rails

Although the bearing rail does not need to be cleaned as often as the optics or the vector grid/table, it is important to keep it clean. To clean this, use a soft cloth or cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol or a mild household cleaner to clean all of the bearing tracks.

Cleaning the auto focus plunger

Cleaning the auto focus plunger is very important as well, through excessive usage of the laser engraving systems, debris can build up causing this feature to be dirty. Use a soft cloth and some mild house cleaner and gently wipe the auto focus plunger until it is a clean for accurate focusing.


Cleaning the optical strip and linear encoder

Cleaning the optical strip and linear encoder is very essential.. You can find these components under the protective cover of the X-beam. If this is not cleaned, the laser engraving/cutting can be skewed. You can use a soft cloth or swab and whip it down with isopropyl alcohol.


Cleaning the exhaust

Cleaning the exhaust system such as the exhaust blower and ductworkis very important because it removes dust, debris and odor from the engraving process and passes it to a filter  or to thethe outside of your space. Without this, there would be a large amount of smoke indoors and it is not beneficial to your health, work environment, and laser engraving system. If you smell some sort of odor or if smoke is visible, then be sure to check for loose or broken pipe/hose connections or a clogged filter or duct.

This concludes the CO2 laser engraving system maintenance guide. Have a wonderful day!

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DIY Patches Holder Event


During this past week, we had an event for kids to make their customized DIY patches holder. The instructor show how the patches holder can be made by laser cutting cardboard. The kids then have the option to laser cut different color paper to customize their patches holder.


These Laser Cut Patches Holders are for students participating in DIY.org, an organization that creates sets of challenges relating to art and tech for kids to accomplish in order level up!


Upon each accomplishments, they are rewarded with awesome embroidered skill patches and what’s great about this is…it is FREE to join! For more information, check out their website: www.diy.org

Here are more pictures of the event and enjoy!

10174861_10101803452663370_6288483996259661739_n 10172662_10101803454963760_7650246811871009805_n 1656425_10152371706155801_3059191151992842275_n


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Podcast Panel: Common Small Business Mistakes


Tonight we will be having our first ever podcast panel! We’ll have two lovely speakers share some of the common mistakes in launching a new business. Join us tonight in the Factory eNova Studio!

Podcast Panel: Common Small Business Mistakes
Wednesday, April 30th I 8:00PM – 9:00PM
Factory eNova Studio

Tonights speakers:

Jason Wisniewski is a partner in the Corporate group of Dorsey & Whitney LLP, an international law firm, where he has practices for over 10 years and concentrates his practice in corporate transactional work and representing emerging growth companies. He serves as outside general legal counsel to closely held and emerging growth companies and also specializes in private equity, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, the public and private placement of securities and SEC compliance.  In the mergers and acquisitions area, a major portion of his practice involves the negotiation, structuring and financing of acquisitions and dispositions for privately held companies. In the capital markets area, he has handled public and private offerings of equity securities, representing both issuers and underwriters. In the private equity and venture capital area, he has represented both funds and issuers. In addition to his transactional practice, he regularly advises companies on general corporate compliance and governance matters. Mr. Wisniewski’s clients are primarily privately held high growth, technology, life science and manufacturing companies located in Southern California and Silicon Valley.

Jacqueline Zweig is a CPA and CFP® specializing in taxes and financial planning. She is securities licensed holding her Series 7 and 66 licenses and her Life and Health Insurance License. She is a graduate of Cal State University in Fullerton with a bachelors in business administration with a double concentration in Accounting and Finance. She has been in practice for 8 years, following after her CPA father. She is passionate about what she does and loves helping clients solve and prevent problems and save money along the way. She resides in Anaheim Hills with her husband and two boxers who she considers her children.

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Ultraviolet (UV) printing

The ultraviolet (UV) printer is another form of printing that uses a photomechanical process to cure the ink. This means that when UV inks are exposed to UV light they turn from liquid to solid at a fast rate. What is so great about this, is that UV printers are able to print on almost any materials.

UV printing technology gaining momentum

Check out the full article for more information @3manager:

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Members Spring Showcase

Last night, we hosted our second members showcase and we just wanted to thank all of you who came. Here are some of the highlights of the night. For more photos, please visit our photo section on Facebook.

We decorated the studio with a backdrop consist of hand-folded fan circles and laser cut star design pinwheels for everyone to take pictures with made by Dannie Phan and our first intern, Ronald Trang. Laser cut pyramids forming pyramid cities were attached on the ceilings made by Seth Inyang and Eric Breeden.

A showcase of our members’ awesome designs/projects along with free food and drinks…This can’t get any better!

Here are some of the designs/projects made by our members:

Factory eNova’s official band has been established that night:

Lastly, we want to thank you all again for coming to this event and hope to see you at our future events!

Photo Credit: Dannie Phan

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Winter 2014 Laser Off!

In our first Laser Off Event, three teams of designers, engineers, makers, hobbyists and just plain people were pitted against each other in a head to head battle to create finished projects using ingenuity and a laser.

Under the theme of LIGHTS all teams were assigned a different type of light source and only three hours with the laser. Check out what these groups made! Can you guess the winner?

Photo Credit: Vinh Lieu and Nam Kapow Luong

20140220-Factory eNova Laser-Off-10

20140220-Factory eNova Laser-Off-23

20140220-Factory eNova Laser-Off-24

20140220-Factory eNova Laser-Off-29

20140220-Factory eNova Laser-Off-46

20140220-Factory eNova Laser-Off-50


Group three was assigned candle and they developed a vertical candle holder with wood and red acrylic.

20140220-Factory eNova Laser-Off-54


Our second group was assigned  to work with a nine foot EL Wire. Using wooden dowels they developed a peg board for the wire.

20140220-Factory eNova Laser-Off-57


Our first group was assigned a flashlight. They made a wooden shadow box with multiple layers of shadows.

20140220-Factory eNova Laser-Off-58

Our panel of Judges: Yater Le Tunisien, Randa Zogheib, and Mark Bachman


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Vote for new equipment


Feb 26th • 7PM – 9PM • @ Fe Studio

We’re getting new equipment in our studio but it’s up to our members to decide what we get! Swing by Factory eNova today to learn about these machines and cast your vote online.

Pro-desk 3D Photo Source: Tech Crunch

Pro Desk 3D feeders (Tech Crunch)

Roland LEF-12 Photo Source: cat5iveprint.com

UV printed Business Cards (cat5iveprint.com)

MakerBot Replicator 5th gen Photo Source: inventionfactory.blogspot.com


MakerBot Digitizer Photo Source: Makerbot


Airwolf 3D Photo Source: Airwolf

3D-printer-many-material-final (airwolf3d.com)

Versa Studio BN-20 Photo Source: RolandDGA


Did we miss a machine that you might be interested in? Shoot us an email or swing by the event tonight to share your thoughts!

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Factory eNova at the Fountain Bowl

Factory eNova - Fountain Bowl

Just before ringing the New Year the staff went down to the Fountain Bowl for a game of bowling to say farewell to our lovely and talented Natali Zogheib and welcome our newest addition Matt Zumbo.


Vinh was able to teach a few staff members how to put a spin on a bowling ball.

Factory eNova - Fountain Bowl 3

Seth has quite the serious game face when he plays.

Factory eNova - Fountain Bowl 3

We also discovered that Dannie will play better if she uses her less dominate hand.



Factory eNova - Fountain Bowl 4

Everyone has their own kind of game face on the floor.



We’ll make another trip back to Fountain Bowl again sometime in the year. The staff really wants to engrave a few bowling balls. Who knows maybe we’ll invite our members and make a Meetup event.

Till then check out our Facebook and Twitter for other upcoming events!


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Introducing: Our Graphic Designer – Shelley

 1478987_478035415649600_411680105_nHow did you become a part of factory enova?

Two of my amazing friends referred me to Vinh. At first, I had never heard about Factory eNova. But once Vinh explained the concept, I was immediately in love. Countless ideas flowed through my head as I imagined myself immersed in graphic designing and transferring that image onto a tangible object, a design I could touch.

Although I did grow up in a machine shop, I never thought about using lasers as a tool for artistic design. I accepted the fact that machines make prototypes for mechanical parts or were just used for mass producing them since that’s all I ever saw. Of course, I was definitely wrong. Once the light bulb lit up, I realized I could utilize those tools along with my computer generated graphics and produce whatever I could imagine in a tangible form. Technology never ceases to amaze me!

Ever since I heard about Fe, I knew right away that it was indeed perfect for me!

What is a typical day for you as a whiz and designer?

Oh boy. I wouldn’t consider any day at Fe “typical” since I have a variety of tasks and projects to complete!

As a whiz, I answer phone calls, make reservations, maintain organization in the studio, respond to emails regarding questions and concerns, and assist members. As an instructor, I design classes and teach them. As a designer, I fulfill custom service requests.


And within and outside of those tasks, there’s always something new and interesting occurring in the studio. I’ve experienced numerous members coming in and out of the studio with different materials and different requests, many of which I could have never imagined on my own. It’s no doubt a challenge fulfilling these requests and solving problems I never knew existed, but in the end, it provides me an extensive knowledge about a variety of materials and what they could be used for outside of their intended purposes, and not to mention, inspiration for future projects.


What are some examples of things that you have personaly made?

3D engraved soft opening greeting cards, 3D engraved leaves, wooden minecraft swords, the batman mural on display in the studio, a 3D engraved nintendo controller, etc.



How do you find inspiration for your projects?

I usually wander alone in a busy area like the mall and observe the latest design trends and ask myself, “What attracts people to a certain design?”, “What kind of people are attracted to that particular art?”, “What about this design piece grabs people’s attention?”, and so on.

If I’m limited to time, I google “inspirational designs” and scroll through the results. I also frequent hongkiat’s and abduzeedo’s inspiration sections on their websites.

What do you want to be able to make one day?

It’s a secret. You will know when the day comes 😉

Is there anything unexpected that you have gotten out of the studio? 

Befriending the members and guests! There are so many people with extremely creative ideas who produce incredible, jaw-dropping results. So many people walk through the door, and I was so intrigued by everyone’s diverse background – from artists to engineers, to hobbyists and architects, and so much more! I love listening to everyone’s ideas and the knowledge they hold!


What would be your tip to someone just starting out with the lasers?

Don’t be intimidated – our staff is available to assist you! Dedicating time into learning something new will produce better results and make you a better person. Just like rockets, for instance, require a stable ground to launch, the beginning is always hard and slow since it takes a great amount of effort to learn the foundation, but as more time gets put into the system, the improvement will be exponential. I also recommend checking out different educational resources available for these lasers to get a head start.

Furthermore, visit the events and workshops hosted by Fe to get a better feel of the versatility of the lasers, meet people, and better yet, have a great time with those around you. I love these events since they’re fun and informative and I get to meet really cool people!

And for those who believe he or she lacks creativity: everyone’s creative. It’s just the matter of keeping an open mind and filling it with inspiration!


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