Members Winter Showcase and Year End Party


We hosted our first members showcase last week and we just wanted to share a handful of photo highlights. You can find more photos over on our Facebook!


Factory eNova Member Showcase Small-11

We decorated the studio with laser cut cardboard snowflakes made by the lovely Randa and Dannie just hours before the event. Our member Justin added some festive laser cut items to show off during the evening. The touch of LED lights on some of the pieces made them extra unique.

Factory eNova Member Showcase Small-7

Our member Trang showed off some of her laser cut acrylic accessories. All of her final pieces were hand-painted and made into lovely pins.

Factory eNova Member Showcase Small-14

Our newest member Cliff brought in some enclosures for fighting sticks. He hasn’t made these in our studio yet but you can see how some of these pieces can be done with our laser cutting machines.


Miguel who was recently featured in the OC register brought his beautiful laser cut wooden lanterns which he will be using as decorations for his upcoming wedding this spring.



During the evening we had a handful of services done ranging from coasters, to business card holders, and to the popular laser engraved mugs.

We also have a highlight video of the evening events. Take a look and share it with your friends!


Finally we would like to wish you happy holidays from the Factory eNova Staff!

Photo Credit: Vinh Lieu and Dannie Phan

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Factory eNova Field Trips: LB Patchwork, Handmade for the Holidays, LA Renegade

This winter we’ve been spending our weekends visiting local craft show. Here are some highlights from the Long Beach Patchwork ShowHandmade for the Holidays, and Los Angeles Renegade Craft Fair

Factory eNova Field Trips-4

Long Beach Patchwork Show during a warm windy afternoon

Factory eNova Field Trips

Keren Kemp founder and the maker artist behind Delusions of Grandeur talks to attendees of the fair. We had a brief chat with her after spotting her laser engraved sign.

Factory eNova Field Trips-2

She describes her handmade work as “Jewelry that loves geometry.” Keren’s jewelry is a great example of some laser cut design. Hopefully she will be coming down to visit our studio very soon. You can find her studio in Highland Park, CA

Factory eNova Field Trips-3

Keeper Goods is another booth that caught our eye with a laser cut and laser engraved wooden sign. Her products primarily consisted of laser cut wool blended products that “hold and store your favorite things.” The products are designed and hand-crafted in Seattle by Phyllis Chu. She occasionally attends events in the Southern California area.

Factory eNova Field Trips

The Community in Anaheim hosted Handmade for the Holidays this past weekend. We were only able to stay for an hour but it’s a great space to check out.

Factory eNova Field Trips-6

Factory eNova Field Trips-2

The Makery is a studio that offers DIY craft classes and workshops. Attached to it they have a lovely studio where you can buy materials for future projects. They also showcases and sell work from local artists.

Factory eNova Field Trips-3

Factory eNova Field Trips-7

For food there were vegan cupcakes by the stage in the back of the shopping arcade. While the front had the Grilled Cheese Truck.

Factory eNova Field Trips-4

We discovered that there was a gallery at the Community of Dr Who fan-art. The pieces were being auctioned off towards charity. Rumor has it there will be a 8-bit theme gallery sometime down the road.

Factory eNova Field Trips-27

This weekend we also swung by the Renegade Craft Fair at the Los Angeles Historic Park. It was a big event and unfortunately we weren’t able to talk to everyone. Below are some of our highlights from the fair.

Factory eNova Field Trips-12

Vintage Marquee Lighted Wood Pieces by Junk Art Gypsyz

Factory eNova Field Trips-14

Laser engraved acrylic and wooden coasters by B+ Shop

Factory eNova Field Trips-16

Handmade cutting boards by Mac Cutting Board

Factory eNova Field Trips-17

Reclaimed wood boxes and frames by Alibi Interiors

Factory eNova Field Trips-19

Laser engrave iphone cases by Red Panda

Factory eNova Field Trips-20

Handmade Stamps by Paper Pastries

Factory eNova Field Trips-24

Laser cut owls with glasses necklaces by Unpossiblecuts

Factory eNova Field Trips-26

Laser cut notebooks by Cardtorial

Check out our Facebook for more photos!

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A Vignette in the OC Register


We were featured in the OC Register again! If you’re an OC Register subscriber, you can find the article here.

This vignette piece focuses on our member Miguel Enciso as he creates laser cut and laser engraved items for his upcoming wedding with Claudia Ramirez who also frequents the Fe Studio.

Factory eNova opened in June. Since then, the Fountain Valley-based laser engraving and cutting studio that co-founder Vinh Lieu describes as a “gym for high-tech equipment” has swelled to more than 100 members who, like Enciso and Ramirez, enjoy taking their projects to the cutting edge… “You come here and start seeing things you can do, and you want to do it,” Ramirez said.


Miguel has created personalized lasercut wooden lanterns and various types of lasercut invitations. Miguel and many other members will be swinging by for our first ever Members Showcase and Year End Party.


If you’re in the OC area we’d hope to see you there! Share the Facebook Event Page with your friends and RSVP at Eventbrite!


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Hardware Holidays Meetup Mashup

Factory eNova Lasercutting

Last we week hosted a lovely Hardware Holiday event with local maker/crafter/hackers groups that included Startup Events OC, MAKE:OC, OC Hackerz, Worklab CC and edtric corp.

Factory eNova laughing

We had some drinks, popcorn, and a playlist of youtube videos. Unfortunately the later wasn’t fully enjoyed because our member Brian and Vinh kept turning off with a Dr. Who Inspired Sonic Screwdriver.

Factory eNova sonic screwdriver

We also had some free engraving for purchases during the evening. Laser engraved mugs and business card holders were pretty popular with the crowd.

Factory eNova engrave business card holder

Factory eNova engraved mugs

We had a blast working with all the groups involved. We highly recommend joining some of these organizations to not only expand your network but also your skill sets.

Factory eNova celebrating

If you didn’t get to make it out to Hardware Holidays, we will be hosting a Winter Showcase December 19th at 7:00PM. And maybe we’ll pop more champagne. Hope to see you all there!


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Services now available in store, Etsy and our website!

Factory enova Products-3small
For those that are purely interested in services, Factory eNova just opened an Etsy shop where members and non-members can buy personalized items online. We will also be adding these items onto our own website which is currently listed under the tab “specials.” We are no longer bound to the Orange County Area!

Factory enova Products-7small

All of our in-store items will be available online and are ready to be engraved with your designs.

Factory enova Products

There will be new original items such as Christmas ornaments, gift labels, lettering and various other items with every new season. Check out our Etsy page or check out the specials on our website. If you’re in the local area, come and learn how your can do it yourself!

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Featured Projects: Aluminum Coasters and Photo


Our member Neel Shah who is a mechanical engineer created these aluminum coasters and photo. The project was a wedding gift for a friend that cost roughly $15 dollars and took only two hours to design and engrave. Neel didn’t have to manipulate the images at all. It was just as easy as drag and drop!


Come into our studio and get your own items engraved. If you need your photos engraved on aluminum or wood, just give us a call or email us at Better yet, become a member and learn how you can do it yourself with lasers!

Photo Credit: @lieuvinh

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Featured Project: NES Cartridge


With the inspiration from the artist Eric Standley, Dannie Phan was able to come up with an NES inspired cartridge for one of her recent engagement photo shoots. Using video games as a thread for the shoot she was able to weave a storyline about a couple that had to battle monsters to find a missing cartridge in order to restore the world back into order. Here’s a small preview of the photo comic.


This wooden NES Cartridge is made of 5 layers of 1/8 inch plywood, all found from our scrap bin. It’s amazing what you could make from scrap pieces! Below are some other laser cut prop pieces made in out studio.



Have you made anything with reclaimed or scrap wood? Share them with us! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the FE website for more inspiration for your next project!

Photo Credit: Dannie Phan –


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Inspirational Designs: Music Makers

Three weeks ago we shared a roundup of headphone holders to spark some ideas for a simple weekend project. This time around we’ve generated a list of complex designs to keep your mental gears turning. These designs all have the capabilities of making sounds as an instrument or as a playback item. Here are our top four Music Makers:

Laser Cut Folding Ukulele by Brian Chan –

foldingukelele04 foldingukelele06 foldingukelele11

3D Printed Records by Amanda Ghassaei –

record02 record03

The Fab Boombox by Matt Keeter –

boombox pcbs back

Catbus Music Box – Charlton Yu –



Know of any other great music making items? Share it with us below!

Image Source: http://www.designboom.comhttp://caliwooddesignlab.com

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Our Members: Jerry and Jenny

20130918-customized wedding favors

Jerry called Factory eNova with interest about getting laser engraved pebbles made. He and his betrothed Jenny became members and had a wedding full of personalized items.

20131001-wedding couple membership

20131001-custom wedding table number

In the course of a month they made personalized drinking glasses for all their guests to take home as party favors, over a hundred engrave pebbles as placeholders, table cards and a couple other various decorations.

20130918-memory rock engraved1

Now Factory eNova will be occasionally hosting wedding workshops throughout the year. If it’s not scheduled in our calendar feel welcome to give us a call to host a private event. We’re having a growth of couples becoming members to make personalized items for their wedding join the community and ask about our family add-on specials!

090813-wedding save the date wood veneer


Sign up for a membership or a class today! – View Schedule 


Photo Credit: Vinh Lieu

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Featured Project: Robot Chassis


Our member Walter Martinez who is also a Robotics Professor at CSULB, built a variety of robot chassis as instructional items for his students to apply in their own projects. A chassis consists of an internal framework that supports an object in its construction and use very similar to the concept of a skeleton of an animal.


Walter was able to try out different materials and test their durability. The entire designing and laser cutting process took him three hours in our studio.

If you’re inspired to make your own, swing by our studio and start building robots!

Photo Credit: Vinh Lieu

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