Thanks OC Studio for the Photos


We’ve been attending a variety of events in the Orange County area. There are a handful of people that we constantly run into these events. OC Studio is just one of them. They were kind enough to take photos of our owners and manager.


Our owners: Seth and Vinh


With our manager Randa


As always, there needs to be one silly photo.

What do you all think? Let us know if there are any cool events going on in Orange County. Share your thoughts below and make sure to visit all of us at our studio in Fountain Valley!

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Life Lessons: Removing Super Glue

Shelly Fail

When using superglue its best to be careful and take your time with a project but if you so happen glue your fingers to a project or two of your fingers together, here are some of the best methods of getting off the glue without hurting yourself.

1. Run your fingers on warm water ASAP to soften the glue. You can also add a bit of vinegar to expedite the process.

2. Use acetone nail polish remover. Acetone softens cyanoacrylate. Rub it on the super glue. It should start peeling off. Do not use a cotton swab, as this can react very violently with cyanoacrylate.

3. Let the area dry, then use a nail emery board to remove the glue. Be careful not to remove your skin, too. If you have a lot on your hands you can scrub it on a pumice stone kept in warm water.

4. On sensitive skin, try using margarine. Rub it on the area repeatedly until the glue can be gently peeled away.

5. Let it peel off on its own. It will turn white, but it will not hurt you, and it’ll eventually come off without your help.

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Eight Hundred Blocks of Wood

Designer Nando Costa created an experimental abstract stop-motion film entitled The New America, discussing the cultural shifts in recent years from the economic downturn.

After receiving funding from his completed Kickstarter campaign in 2011, Costa would begin developing the project which involved laser cutting each frame onto a solid block of maple wood. Costa describes his experience working with the medium:

 Aside from the design of each frame itself being distinct, small variances that naturally occur in the laser engraving process as well as the different wood grain of each frame naturally created subtle shifts of the position of the artwork. An effect that I was particularly interested in and that could naturally be achieved in digital assembly, but that I was much more excited about re-creating with real objects.

His film was recently selected as one of Vimeo’s Staff Picks. You can check out his video below.

The New America from Nando Costa on Vimeo.

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October Business Mixer with The Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce

small Fe Business Mixer-27

Last week we hosted a Business Mixer in collaboration with The Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce.

small Fe Business Mixer-59

We had the usual laser and 3D printer demos, light snacks, and prizes.

small Fe Business Mixer-22   small Fe Business Mixer-61  small Fe Business Mixer-72

The turn out was great and we got to meet so many talented professionals in the local area.

small Fe Business Mixer-71

This is probably our last open house of the year but keep your eyes on our calendar, because we still have plenty of upcoming workshops and classes for the rest of year.

small Fe Business Mixer-78

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Our Member: Mr. Kim

Factory Enova Mr Kim-002 copy

Mr. Kim came into the studio to recreate wooden toys from back in South Korea for the students at his church. He would like to make safe pieces for them to assemble and paint.

Factory Enova Mr Kim-001

He is considered one of our regulars and recently made the jump from wood to acrylic. He his now incorporating lights in his structures as well. His current projects will be perfect or the upcoming holiday season, remember to come back and check them out, we’ll post up pictures once they’re done!

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Introducing: Our Studio Manager – Randa

14792_409379195848556_1648009265_n  1069810_409527499167059_2054494447_n

How did you become a part of Factory eNova?

One of my dearest friends knows the founders of Factory eNova (Fe) and told me about their concept back last year. At the time I was laboriously creating handmade projects, for gifts and for book merchandise that I was selling. The second I heard about Fe, I was sold. It was exactly what I had been needing, but never thought would exist!

I literally stalked Fe for about half a year, waiting for an update on when they would be opening- I was already planning to be one of their first customers. When I read that they were hiring, I jumped at the chance, realizing that that would be a dream job for me.

What is a typical day for you as a manager?

My day is usually spent doing a wide variety of activities- from training staff and making schedules, to teaching classes and leading workshops, to attending expos and events. My favorite thing to do is actually creating items with our lasers, I LOVE it!

I like that each day brings a new challenge. My shifts always fly by and I look forward to going to work every day- that’s when you know you have an amazing job!

laser cut wood avatars

How do you find inspiration for your projects?

I try to look at items that already exist and imagine what they would look like in a completely different material or with a new shape or design. I am attracted to concepts that are unique and that you don’t see every day- and lasers give you the opportunity to create something new from scratch.

I am also inspired by people and what they value in their lives. I try to take the activities that they love, the people that they care about, and the things that motive them and create tangible reminders of them. Being able to engrave photos and wording into a wide variety of materials makes it is easy to create meaningful items.

Inspiration is all around us. If you spend enough time at our studio, eventually every item in your home will end up being laser cut or engraved by you. This is inevitable. It will, however, make your space much cooler. I promise :)

Making wood art

What do you want to be able to make one day?

My list of things that I would like to make grows longer every day! One goal of mine is to be able to become so familiar with CorelDraw that I am able to easily produce all of the designs that I have floating around in my head. I am especially interested in making art out of upcycled books and creating intricate acrylic jewelry.

Is there anything unexpected that you have gotten out of the studio? 

I have really been enjoying getting to know our awesome members. On a daily basis I get to interact with fashion designers, Kickstarter campaigners, artists, small business owners, hobbyists- people from all walks of life. And each of them is making fascinating things with our lasers! I love learning about their passions and projects.

Our staffs and owners also are all talented, wonderful individuals and the friendships that we have created have been both unexpected and invaluable. I am so excited to see where we are headed with such a strong team and innovative concept.

laser cut necklace

What would be your tip to someone just starting out with the lasers?

Spend time just practicing. When I started I had never seen a laser before or even heard of CorelDraw. I was a little intimidated, but knew that the only way to learn was to sit to down and play around with the program and machine.

I was surprised at how quickly I caught on and how easy it was- within an hour I was cutting out my own jewelry pieces. It was addicting and fun. So just come in, don’t worry too much about creating a perfect project at the beginning, and just TRY.

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Why not print on 3D Objects?

Magic box

Roland just released their new UV printer that allows for direct printing on 3-D objects with a new and more advanced UV lamp and a larger bed size than its predecessor.

img07    img13

The LEF-20 allows direct printing on products, prototypes, souvineres, novelty goods, Industrial parts and electronics


Printing in vivid color and texture allows for one of a kind artwork to be transferred to a favorite piece with no loss in detail.



As you can tell we have taken a liking to the new LEF-20 UV printer.  Question is, should we get one?  Let us know what you think by commenting to this post.

For more information:
Photos Provided by: Rolanddga

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Introducing: Our Machines

helix2             CubeX_Basketball_Final-copy-1024x1024-new

Our studio is the home to three Epilog Helix Laser Machines and one Cubify CubeX

Epilog Helix 24

Our laser machines are part of the Legend Elite Series which provides the highest-quality engraving and cutting of various materials at the highest speeds on the market. It features a large 24” x18” work area and 8.5” z-stroke which allows for engraving larger and tall items.

The Specs

Below are some samples on wood and aluminum.

Factory enova wood engraving

Factory enova aluminum coaster 1


factory enova laser cut necklace

Cubify Cubex

The Cubex won the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 2013 in the area of Emerging Tech. It can work with up to three different colors out of two different plastics and can print up to 10.8” x 10.45” x 9.5”

The Specs

Below are some samples made out of PLA and ABS


Product Photos Provided by: and
Photo Credit: Dannie Phan and Vinh Lieu

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Factory eXperience-Dinosaurs and Lasers!

Laser workshop-15-fixed

eXperience a larger-than-life workshop that combines prehistoric creatures with a New Age technology.  Bring your favorite dinosaurs to life from the computer to a 3-dimensional model that you can touch.

Small Factory Enova Dino-029

Change the characteristics of your dinosaur through the use of our software to customize or add a personality all your own!

Small Factory enova Dino-003

Fe’s first student workshop involving the software program 123D Make and laser cutting was a success by honing in on each students spatial visual skills in a way like never before.

Small Factory enova Dino-001

Make sure to ask us about this and other custom workshops.

Small Factory enova Dino-006

For inquiries:
Photo Credit: Vinh Lieu and Dannie Phan

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Introducing: The Space

Factory enova Dino-007

Factory eNova brings the factory experience into your hands by providing personalized gifts with our engraving and cutting services, educational workshops on emerging digital desktop machinery and unique private parties. We are your local do it yourself studio with lasers and 3d printers.

Factory enova Dino-008 smaller

Come by for a tour today!
Factory eNova
16540 Harbor Blvd Ste. H
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
657 210 4637

Group photo new

Photo Credit: Dannie Phan and Bao Pham

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