A Fist Full

Fe Man here, with a fist full of updates!


We made the front page of the local paper this month! It feels great to be recognized by the community.


Unfortunately they didn’t get a chance to interview me. I got caught up saving the world again. But our ladies and gentlemen in red were able to share with reporters the great epic that is Fe.

The idea of Factory eNova was inspired by a tech shop in Northern California that sells memberships for using different kinds of industrial machines.

“We are inventors and entrepreneurs, and all we need is the right equipment,” said Lieu, who is also a product engineer at Data Aire Inc. Inyang, also an employee at Data Aire as a product development manager, met Lieu a few years ago at the company.

After sharing their product ideas, Inyang and Lieu decided to learn how to make their ideas come to life by taking some courses at the tech shop up north. The shop then gave the two mechanical engineering graduates the idea to open up a shop of their own in Southern California, focusing on laser machines.

“We really want to help people. We hate it when we don’t have the right equipment to create things, even as engineers,” Lieu said. “When I was in college, I had wished that I had a laser cutter of my own.”

Inyang said he hopes to collaborate with local colleges by offering the studio to students. But their ultimate goal is to open up a Factory eNova in every major city. For now, both owners still have their day job and go to the studio after work, helping members to learn and create.

If you want to read the full article, check it out on OC Register.



You might have seen us lately at different events around the Orange County area. We had a blast at OC Mini Maker Faire last weekend. To be honest it didn’t seem that “mini.” It felt like we were meeting new curious minds nonstop. 

We want to come out of our headquarters more often to meet you all. If there are any other events in the Orange County area, feel free to share it with us!



Who doesn’t want to shoot lasers?

We now have a workshop series entitled “Factory eXperience” for anyone that wants to get better acquainted with the laser cutting and laser engraving process. You don’t need to be a member to take part in the eXperience.


Our first workshop was on laser engraving wine glasses. We had snacks and refreshments as well as wine related trivia games. Out guests were able to engrave a pair of wine glasses and take them home.

Follow us on our social media (facebook) (twitter) (instagram) to stay updated on the next set of workshops.

I hope to see you all soon! Fe Man OUT!

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A Little Taste of Factory eNova

Hi there! Fe Man is here once more to update you guys on the Factory eNova headquarters! Last Saturday on the 15th, we had a small party for people to have a little taste of Factory eNova. I dub it a huge success!

Food and drinks were there  to keep the people and their stomach’s happy. Fuel for the brains! And couches for some relaxation. Everyone was mingling and dining while being educated by the Big Bosses.


During the soft opening, we have my lovely fellow sidekicks demonstrating design and usage on the machines. Rowdy Randa show off her abilities with her laser cut wooden jewelry (I think the green and pink necklace compliments my cape). While Shelley the Shellinator use her trusty 3D laser beam to engrave a box. Maybe for a secret item storage?


Did I mention prizes? How could I forget?? Everyone was entered in a free membership contest. Tweet, like on Facebook, or instagram about the studio, they were entered in a random chosen contest in order to win one free month membership (does my heart good to see good deed like this).


If you feel like you miss out, DO NOT FEAR MY GOOD PEOPLE! This Saturday the 22nd, we have a GRAND opening! DUN DUN DAHH. Where the prizes will be bigger and better! And the discount is not just 10% but 20% off! And I am trusting you good people with the coordinates of my headquarters. It’s 16540 Harbor Blvd Ste H, Fountain Valley, CA from 10 AM to 2 PM.

I hope to see you all there! And here is a challenge for you all, see if you can catch me if you can! And remember “BAM! Engraved.”

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Let Me Introduce Myself!

Hello! I am Fe Man! The official mascot of Factory eNova and due to my superhero complex, my identity shall remain hidden. For now…

Anyways I’m here to introduce to you my headquarters, Factory eNova! Well at night at least. During the day it’s a membership based do-it-yourself studio. Where you can bring your designs to life.


From laser engraving your iphone or laser printing on a canvas to 3D printing and cutting to make 3-dimensional projects, we provide tools and expertise to make any project you can imagine happen and much more.


We’ve been under the radar for some time now due to long construction days to make our cozy yet minimalistic studio. However, the wait is over because our studio is going to be open to the public on Saturday June 22nd! Are you excited? Because I know I am!


We welcome everyone to come in and celebrate our Grand Opening! Maybe you can even spot me, the incredible Fe Man, in the crowd. But if you can’t make it, don’t worry because we are open 7 days a week from 10AM – 10PM. So you can come in anytime to check out our sweet membership deals or even chat and mingle with local artists, peers and our loyal minions.. I mean hard working staff, of course…

If you forget, don’t worry you can always print one of our flyers or make it your new nifty wallpaper, just in case. Hope to see you all there and remember “BAM! Engraved.”

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